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GalomyOak 29-06-2011 14:41

Other ways we use dog DNA in America :)
:lol: PooPrints


Priska182 29-06-2011 15:01

Ha ha it's smart ;-)

draggar 29-06-2011 15:23

Is that accurate, though?

Rona 29-06-2011 15:55


Originally Posted by draggar (Bericht 391315)
Is that accurate, though?

It's not 1 April, so apparently it must :lol:

I will try to pass this idea do the Commandant of Krakow Municipal Police next time I see him. :lol: I'm sure he'll love it! 8)

draggar 29-06-2011 16:06

Not the story, linking a dog's DNA to dog poop? I wonder how accurate that will be and also, what if someone who doesn't live there let's their dog poop there and doesn't clean it up? What if two different people have littermates?

GalomyOak 29-06-2011 16:54

I don't imagine these tests are too different than those we use through AKC - recognizing DNA sequence. This, I believe, would be unique even in the case of siblings (littermates), maybe with the exception of identical twins. I would not be surprised to use this kind of technology used in other legal ways in the future - dog bite cases for example, or having DNA "tied" to a dog during microchip implantation (well, maybe not in the US...we aren't that advanced...unless it was voluntary :roll:)

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