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eleraja 22-12-2007 09:09

Clip with CLC
Hallo, this is the first time for me in english forum. Maybe some one knows me, maybe not. (sorry for my english! hope you understand what i mean)
I write here because i need your help to make a musical clip with lots of pics of clc.
the clip will be uploaded here http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=elenaraja, so that everyone can watch it.
I need portrait of clc, with nose and ears. in fine resolution image.
so if you want to send me something, please, do it here : [email protected]
or if you want to send me a link of a web page where i can find some photos, remember that i need good resolution.

eleraja 26-12-2007 11:27

clip with CWD
Clip is on line.
sorry for mistake in title. better if i write "clip with CWD"
happy new year

Angelika 26-12-2007 23:33

WOW!!! Fantastic!

Per Olav 27-12-2007 00:06

Joining Angelikas comments :p
Per Olav

Jolanda 27-12-2007 13:47

Thank you for this fantastic clip!

eleraja 28-12-2007 09:12

Thanks a lot, my friens... you're very kind.
Let me tell you Happy new Year: my cat Muffa is going to sing a song for you;-)



BWolf 02-01-2008 20:43

Hi everyone.
Just a quick post to give you the link to my videos...

They can't compete with Elena's ones but I think you could love them!

My video album:

The last video with my running wolves ;-)


Bye bye and happy New Year

farena 03-01-2008 16:22

I have enjoyed the clip very much. Where do you get the photos from? It's amazing the amount of checoslovaquian wolfdogs there are in the clip.

eleraja 04-01-2008 09:25


Originally Posted by farena (Bericht 116048)
I have enjoyed the clip very much. Where do you get the photos from? It's amazing the amount of checoslovaquian wolfdogs there are in the clip.

Take a look at the first message of this 3d. ;-)

Per Olav 04-01-2008 17:08

No intentions of couping this thread I must say the clips are wonderful and say more than a million words :lol: I love to see more clips - maybe a separate thread on the subject will fulfill my wishes? And Yes - I'd like to show some of yours on my own homepage.
Per Olav

solowolf 05-01-2008 02:02

video clip
excellent video clip and very well presented, there are lots of wolfdog items on youtube, some good clips from Ella in Poland and lots more
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqGj1NWNQ9Q regards paul

elisa 20-01-2008 01:22

What a beautiful thread, I like very much to see clips about wolfdogs! :)

I did two clips, they are in my signature.


Elisa, Kim, Djuma & Petra

elisa 21-01-2008 21:50

The last one that I have just made:

Per Olav 21-01-2008 21:59

Really nice :)
Per Olav

elisa 21-01-2008 22:17

Thank You :)
I try to add it in my signature now.


elisa 21-01-2008 22:31

I have forgotten to say that the clip is in two parts: after the end of the first music, wait just a moment... another music and movie starts.
I can't add it to my signature, it's to long... it doesn't matter :)



elisa 21-01-2008 22:33

.. ehmm.. "too long".. sorry for my bad English..

elisa 28-01-2008 00:38

The last one...

farena 28-01-2008 13:36

Hello Elisa
Thank you for sending me the videos. Are these dogs of you? I have a wolfdog, but he is not checoslovaquian. I hope I can be able of hunging a video just like you. Is it difficult? Although I supposse that as my dog is not a checoslovaquian wolfdog maybe I won´t be allowed to do it. What do you think?

elisa 30-01-2008 22:00

Hello Farena! I'm sorry but I can't send You the clips because in the web site that I used the only possibility is to buy the DVD :(.
I haven't saved them. If I want to see I have to click on the link... but they are nothing of especial, it doesn't matter! ;-)
The dogs in the clips are my two lovely females, Djuma and Petra :)
In that web site (One True Media) it's too simple to create a montage like these, and certainly we'll appreciate to see also other breeds ;-)

Thank You,



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