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Tassle 01-03-2014 22:49

Registration and breeding in the UK
I just wanted to put out a reminder that dogs bred in the UK currently have no formal registration and currently no hope of gaining any.

The UK kennel club have not yet placed these dogs on the import register, until this happens, dogs bred in this country may be placed on the KC activity register (a register for any cross breed, or dog of unknown heritage) to allow it to compete at activities and events licensed by the UK KC.

Shadowlands 02-03-2014 11:22

Until the breed is accepted onto the Import Register, no FCI recognition will be given to puppies born in the UK - not even if BOTH parents are FCI registered. Once the breed is accepted onto the Import Register, it MAY be possible to gain an official pedigree retrospectively for these pups, but this will involve DNA testing of pups and parents and a lot of paperwork (and, doubtless, a fair bit of money).

Please, anyone considering buying a UK bred puppy at this time, be fully aware of these facts. There is not one single UK based breeder who breeds FCI recognised puppies at this moment in time and this is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.

As Tassle has said, the Activities Register is not a sign of breed acceptance and is open to all dogs - crossbreeds included - and does not qualify a breed to appear at dog shows.

Tassle 02-03-2014 13:06

The activities register was actually set up specifically for crossbreeds and dogs of unknown parentage.

Valkyrja 02-03-2014 18:28

Seconding (thirding?) what has been said above. If there are any breeders listed under the UK section on the breeders page here on the wolfdog.org database, any claim they may make of breeding 'FCI recognized dogs with FCI pedigrees' is completely false. It is either a deliberate lie to mislead people to buy from them instead of importing, or it is a sign that the said 'breeder' is ignorant of the current situation entirely.

Shadowlands 03-03-2014 11:22

So not exactly the register the CsV belongs on then ;-)

Tassle 03-03-2014 11:25

No - sad to see this being promoted really :(

Valkyrja 03-03-2014 12:29

Thank you for bringing this up here. I think it goes without saying as well that anyone claiming to be breeding 'FCI registered dogs with FCI pedigrees' WITHIN the UK at this time (and listing themselves as such on the database), is either outright lying, attempting to mislead potential UK buyers, or is willfully ignorant about the current situation. :shake

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