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sdivokoukrvi 28-05-2014 08:28

error with login
I have a problem I can not log into the database.

Gia 30-05-2014 22:20

Not only you Alissea :(

woland77 31-05-2014 17:49

:(:(:(:(:(me too

Rufy 02-06-2014 22:00

it works again here

BeatriceSlavinschi 24-06-2014 09:55

Problem seeing dogs info on database
"You have exceeded daily limit of queries to database. Register to increase the limit or wait 24 hours.

Your current daily limit is: queries"

I see this message after 2 or 3 inquires on the database, although I am registered. If I log out, I can see further, but as a non-member person (with no access on breeding or health results page per wolfdog, etc).

Can anyone help???

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