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michaelundinaeichhorn 29-10-2008 19:39

everything in Italian
When I go to the personal profile and pm section everything shows up on Italian language. I think I am not the only one because I got messages that showed the sender has the same problem.
Is there any way to change this? I do understand a little Italian but it really is a little.:|


Mikael 29-10-2008 20:15

I have some bottens on other languages too :)

I do not know what it means but it ses... " Opcje Zaawansowane" on one of them :lol:

Regards / Mikael

Rona 29-10-2008 21:59


Originally Posted by Mikael (Bericht 167183)
I do not know what it means but it ses... " Opcje Zaawansowane" on one of them :lol:

Don't be too curious, it's top secret! :rock_3

:grins Just kidding. Przemek is installing new forum with new options :)

Margo 29-10-2008 22:22

Przemek told it should be already OK.... 8)

michaelundinaeichhorn 30-10-2008 09:06

The Italian language has nothing to do with the installing of the new forum but it makes it much more difficult because I donĀ“t know wich buttons to click on. During writing this I have Invia risposta and Anteprima del messagio showing up...


Huan 30-10-2008 10:31

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At the bottom of the web page you can manually change the language of the interface (look at the attached screenshot).

michaelundinaeichhorn 30-10-2008 11:13

:oops: Thank you. It works but only for the actual post, it changes back to Italian the next time. But I can very well live with this.
I wonder how the Italians managed this:shock:

Regards Ina

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