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Koughar 20-03-2018 09:27

Understanding this situation !!!!!
Good morning
I try to add the puppies of the matting between Hacker de La Gretosa and Laska de La Gretosa without results.

The two puppies born the 27 of November. Are two females. Their names are
"Zoe Sweet Child of Us Loyre de Aralla" and "Zelda Rain of November Loyre de Aralla"
I keep in my kennel Loyre de Aralla the first one, " ZoƩ Sweet Child of Us Loyre de Aralla"

And more... I was send trough the web the genetics results of my dogs, Hacker, Laska and Tabatha, as same results, nothing update and the worse, without response.

It can not be that the reference database is in these conditions. When you can not, you have to know how to delegate.

Koughar 20-03-2018 09:53

I try to send this without results too, te web crash !!!!
Hello good morning
The Wolfdog.org is a shame, and forgive me telling you this way. After sending you the Hacker and Tabatha titles, the genetic tests of all my dogs, the hip and elbow tests, is still not updated.
Hacker has won a championship of Gibraltar, the international championship, and tabatha has achieved, the jr championship of Portugal, and the absolute of Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar and the Iberian championship. She has also won the title of great champion of Portugal, in addition to 6 city winners. We continue without updating.
It is curious, also mysteriously, someone announces my litter, from Hacker and Laska. 2 bitches have already been born, moreover, one is already in england with its owner and the other one keep with me. I can not add dogs, even if you are an FCI breeder.
I do not understand anything. You have to know how to delegate.
The only response is silence. I wrote too to de facebook page whitout results
Inexplicable that the reference database of the breed functions that badly

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