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Galicja 22-08-2010 11:08

WAR ( Wolfdog Adventure Racing ) in Krakow, Poland
"The Galician Wolf" kennel, "Jura Moto Sport", the Head of Marshal Office in Krakow, and "Wolfdog Sport Promotion" hereby kindly invite every wolfdog owner with dog to take a participation in a Wolfdog Adventure Racing competition on 25th of Sept, 2010 in a beautiful and wild area of nature reservation near Krakow. Competition stands on a few checkpoints along the track of approx. 10 kilometers. On each point team ( owner with dog ) should do a specific task, ie. rock climbing, agility parcours, survival and first aid tasks, shooting and many more. All the track is provided by a staff of professionals ( medicians, climbers, firemen, etc. ). The best way to complete the track is to run between checkpoints, but it's not necessary:) It should be a fun for each other! Because of competitors limit, the deadline of application is 31st of Aug, 2010. After this date we may consider individual applications up to date of event, but because of management process we'd like to avoid this:lol:

Rona 22-08-2010 11:39

It's going to be a great event in a really beautiful place!!! I strongly recommend it to all those who enjoy marching with their dogs, have the spirit of competition and love spending their time in an active way.

BTW Don't get intimidated by the hardship of the "tasks",;-) there will also be a 'family' category... :)

PS.To get the detailed info in English you must click the link provided and then: "pobierz document"

Rona 04-09-2012 14:55

Magdalena and Andrzej of "Galicyjski Wilk" Kennel cordially invite all to the third edition of WAR (Wolfdog Adventure Racing) at Będkowska Valley near Krakow on the last weekend of September (29.09.2012)

Here are links to more detailed information and application form:


Photos from WAR 2011:


This will be a really unique meeting and pleasant contest in beautiful scenary of Jurassic Valley.
Sports people with their sports dogs may participate and compete for the first prize

Others may treat it as a nice walk and friendly meeting with other owners and take part in only a few disciplines just for fun.

Mikael 04-09-2012 20:48

Oooo, suds like a good ide and a hole lot of fun :)
So sad I can not join you all...

Best of luck / Mikael

Rona 08-09-2012 12:17

I'd like to remind everybody, that tomorrow night is the registration deadline!

Don't miss the opportunity to fly with your wolfdog! :rock_3



There are other attractions as well:





Last year WAR CUP stars!

The winners sharing the prize :lol:

All in beautiful scenary:

and in nice company!

Andrzej and Magda waiting for the participants arrival:

Silvester 08-09-2012 13:28

Hey Rona ! Great pictures, I like viewing them ! Have a nice weekend, Uli alias Silvester from Germany.

AMERICANI 10-09-2012 07:57

I would like to find one of those carts (the red one being pulled)!! Can anyone give information such as the name / brand, or what it is called??? Does anyone know if such a thing exists in the United States?

yukidomari 11-09-2012 00:51

sure does, and here is one make that i like: http://www.dogpoweredscooter.com/

Mikael 21-09-2012 21:23

Cooool I want one !!!


Best regards / M

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