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martiou07 23-04-2009 13:24

CACS France
I inform you of the dates of our main road breeding: July 17,18.
the judge is Daiva Rimaityte.
on July 17: test of French nature (TAN) and presentation of the young and bonitation.
on July 18: exposure CACS
so long ;-)


Le informo de las fechas de "nuestra cría de carretera": julio 17,18.
el juez es Daiva Rimaityte.
el 17 de julio: prueba de naturaleza francesa (TAN) y presentación joven y bonitation.
el 18 de julio: exposición CACS
Hasta luego

Tuky 24-04-2009 22:33


can you put more information about this event? Place, Web to sign up and everything what you could

Thank you very much for finding out


puedes poner más informacion sobre este evento? Lugar, Web para apuntarse y todo lo que puedas

Muchas gracias por informarnos

martiou07 27-04-2009 19:49

This exposure will proceed in Chalette sur loing (in the center of France, near Orleans). The TAN is a test existing for all the races and of course different according to the races. It acts several small tests to see the socialization of the dog (test of the shot, human contact, passage in a crowd .....).
All this is not complicated, but necessary for l' obtaining the title champion of France.
Considering l' rise what knows the dog wolf in France, us should this year have a large world of participant. I speak to you about it because I would find sympatic the fact of meeting the impassioned foreign ones.
so long ;-)

Tuky 07-05-2009 14:36

Thanks for the information.
can you put a linck to be able to ask about more information or if someone wants to sign up?

Gracias por la informacion.
¿puedes poner un linck para poder preguntar más informacion o si alguien se quiere apuntar?

martiou07 04-06-2009 14:49

hello, engagements for this exposure are available by Internet on this bond:
http://cedia.fr/ (NE Berger de l'est et italiens)

I remain at your disposal if you have questions ;)


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