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Originally Posted by rolf View Post
Hi, we are about to change rules for workingclasscertificat/working champion for CSW in Denmark and I want to know what exams in Czech rep. and Slovakia is needed for obtaining the workingclasscertificat in countries of origin ?

I know SVP1 is enough and ofcourse IPO1, but what else(in Denmark you will need IPO1 for now) ?

ZPU1 ?

and what exams is enough to get title working champion ?

I know 3 x CACT is enough in Slovakia, but CACT is only awarded in competitions/trials(in Denmark you will need IPO3 for now) ?

I hope someone will be kind to help me with this, so we can have similar rules in Denmark as in Czech rep. and Slovakia !

Greetings Rolf
Maby you can ask the clubs as nobody answers here...

Slovakian official CsV club [email protected]_sk or [email protected]_org
Leader of czech CsV club [email protected]_cz

But you must take away the _ for them to work = forum spam filter

Regards / Mikael
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