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Heart Check will be a problem, has it been done by a specialist, what kind of heart check has been done?
And the same as with eye check, when has it been done? It is useless if it isn´t done on regular terms as every year.
And what do you mean with MH?
And looking a the gene test like DM and Dwarf, all researchers told us not to publish any results because of witch-hunts and lowering of the gene pools. We have tested our dogs but will not publish any result no matter if negativ or positiv, I can send you the certificates but will not agree to publishing them.
And talking about it will you please remove Lorenz Farouks N/N DM result as Sarka has published it without our permission? It is a good example for the problem in itself as she was not as keen on publishing other results that haven´t been that positiv for her kennel I know of.

I am for publishing HD, ED, Eye results and Heart results (when it is with the actual datas and updated in time and not as it works now) but I am against publishing gene tests of diseases that are still under research as my experiences show the advise of the experts has been right.
Maybe it would be better not to publish litters without gene-tested parents after a period that gives the breeders time to test?


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