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For all genetic tests performed through the OFFA in the US (with the exception of the 15 free tests given by the University of Missouri, and maybe initial sample tests in the future by universities), all normal results are automatically published in an open public database, in an effort to help breeders locate dogs which might be used to correct some of their dog's breeding faults (DM is considered a fault to be considered like other faults that can be corrected through breeding - carrier = fault, affected = stronger fault - For dogs with N/N (clear) parents, no testing is necessary for puppies, they are considered "clear by parentage" ( )

I'd love to see Penn-Hip results listed in the database eventually, as this is becoming an ever popular test in the US for hips - when we have 20 CSVs tested, we will have a control sample to make official breeding recommendations from, for the breed. Penn - does not have an online database.

Owners of dogs with abnormal results are given the option to publish their dogs, or not. As a club, I think we will push to have transparency and openness in declaring results to further research, and strengthen our breeding program in the US.

For the case of all results, the age at test (in months), as well as the date of the test (particularly important for eye exams) is listed next to the result. Maybe this is a solution to address problems of tests with expiration dates? It would also be necessary to have a written passage explaining how to interpret results for new owners/breeders, I think.

Excited for the new database!
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