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Well one forum-member here already made the experience that he better wouldn´t have published.
And Bern one of the leading Universities in Europe, not only in genetics, did tell us not to publish.

I don´t care that much about dwarfism but we don´t know very much about DM at this moment, it is very likely that the genes are only one factor and they might not be the only genes causing DM. Nobody knows at this moment. To select on that only gene might proof wrong in future. There are breeds with an autosomal recessiv gene for DM, in humans there are several different ways of heritage. If people start to avoid carriers at this moment they might cause worse problems in future.
It is important to test dogs and take care not to mate DM with DM but nobody is at the moment able to give any good breeding advices but the witch hunt already did start. This is not in the interest of the breed.

And as I have made the same experiences Bern did as a veterinary surgeon I will not publish any of our results no matter what it is but will take care with breeding and of course will tell the result to any mating partner or puppy buyer, we don´t keep them secretly but we see them to sensible to be published in an open forum.
As I am involved in building up a DNA-database and getting blood samples for research on an international basis I will surely not give any informations I get to anybody not involved in breeding management or research. This is unthinkable for any serious scientist or medic person. If the owner gives the informations by himself that´s fine for me but he is the only person that has the right to do this.

We made this decision out of very long experience with this kind of datas, I can understand your point of view and shared it in former times but had to learn it only works this way - if at all.

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