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Originally Posted by solowolf View Post
cheers rona good luck with the phd

I've received several PM & mails asking for the CD (or explaining why I musn't disseminate it.) To make things absolutely clear:
I don't know who's right or wrong in the "kennel war" - I lost track on the developments months ago and have no time or will to follow

I have certain loose impressions and suppositions, but it's too vague basis to get involved in any way or take sides.

One may write on the Internet anything which does not necessarily have to be true. Any materials may be manipulated, selected according to certain criteria, "uplifted", etc. On the other hand, Paul may as well be right though the form in which acts is questionable.

That's why I don't have the CD and don't intend to get or watch it.

In fact the only valid, hard arguments against DLT or any other kennels suspected of mixing breedes and other unethical practices should be based on the dogs' DNA tests conducted and interpreted by objective, independent specialists.
I belive such evidence should be presented at and assessed by the court of justice or FCI Commission and not me nor wolfdog forum people. (Especially none of those immediately involved in the case)

The final verdict will tell us who was right and who was wrong. Only then we'll learn wether some will have to apologize Paul (Bengen, are you ready to do it if DLT loses the case?) or others - Corrie (Paul?).

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