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So i have a question for czw owners now..Did a czw as a puppy ever attack you agressively? He bit me pritty fine, he was also snarling very much..The whole situation looked very agressive to me..It did heppen two times to me before, but not as much as now..And method pulling/shaking his fur only made it worse..What did somehow work was putting him on his back and holding down until he calmed..But i can do that now as he is puppy, but i doubt i will be able to do it when he grows up..
Oh, what lead to this was putting him on leash and it started, anyway he was looking at something and didn't want to listen to me either..

If i look at other things, he is very fine, smart, and pritty much obidient for a puppy..But it freaks me out that this agression will lead to something worse..

Thanks anyone..
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