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Originally Posted by Rush View Post
So i have a question for czw owners now..Did a czw as a puppy ever attack you agressively? He bit me pritty fine, he was also snarling very much..The whole situation looked very agressive to me..It did heppen two times to me before, but not as much as now..And method pulling/shaking his fur only made it worse..What did somehow work was putting him on his back and holding down until he calmed..But i can do that now as he is puppy, but i doubt i will be able to do it when he grows up..
Oh, what lead to this was putting him on leash and it started, anyway he was looking at something and didn't want to listen to me either..

If i look at other things, he is very fine, smart, and pritty much obidient for a puppy..But it freaks me out that this agression will lead to something worse..

Thanks anyone..
Pups often treat humans as if they were dogs, and use their teeth to communicate their will; and vlcaks are VERY willful, belive me. It has nothing to do with aggression but your aggressive response may stimulate his and in the end you'll end up with a beast

If your pup bites, try to turn his attention to somethig else. Tell him to sit down and give him a treat, start running with him, throw him a ball, etc.
At home take you hand away calmly, put him aside and ignore him. He must learn that he has your attention only when he behaves as you wish.

You have to be very consistent! Only then will he realize what you want from him. Don't get discouraged if these methods don't work. With CSV it's often the case that they seem to be 'deaf and dumb' for quite a while, and then all of the sudden start obeying.

You need to develop a 'common language' with your pup - learn to read his signals and teach him yours. This requires time and a lot of patience on you part! But remember that a good pack leader rules with his brain, not by force, so try to avoid physical confrontation as much as you can.

If you want to teach your pup walking on leash take delicious treats and walk with him prizing him and giving treats when he walks nicely. Do it in short sessions few times a day. I'd also recommend teaching him giving back food/bones in exchange for other treats as early as possible. It's important to practise it when the pup is little This will also strenghten your position of a leader.

I'd advise you to adopt one principle: if you don't understand your pup's behaviour don't judge him, but try to figure out what he wants to tell you

Talking about aggression, have you ever seen CSVs playing with each other?

PS I remember during our first walks Lorka often used to suddenly sit down and for a few minutes watch the environment. This was part of the learning/socialisation process.

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