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Originally Posted by Fede86 View Post
I find that my dog likes the idea of "collaboration" for a common interest much more than he likes to do something that in his head has no meaning for a bite of chicken. The fact that he is able to reach his goal by doing his part in a team play is extremely rewarding for him and I believe it strengthen the bond as well.
I watched your beautiful videos, they have brought back many memories. When you walk alone with him, he constantly looks back at you. He seems so interested in the world around him, but no more so than checking you are with him.

The dog is so free within himself & still dedicated to you. Maybe the best number is two, one man & his dog. It is making me wonder if I am making the right choice to want a bitch of this breed more than a boy

Can I ask a couple more things? Was it exactly 60 days when you took him with you? & do you know if he was the dominant alpha male of his litter?

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