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Originally Posted by Rona View Post
I agree, with one reservation. It works like you've described it, provided the dog learns new things gradually and internalizes them - i.e. obeys because he chooses to follow pack pinciples and finds such behaviour rewarding, (a pup gets treats, when adult - is usually praised + sometimes gets treats).

Any training shorcuts, like prong collars, physical penalities, electric fences, etc. IMO do not work for vlcaks. I mean even if they do - when the owner is not looking the dog does what he wants. It works exactly like with kids - aggressive behaviour is the best lesson of aggressive behaviour!

Exactly! I think we talked about this in a recent topic about Cesar Millan's methods: if you modify your dog's behavior with physical correction and inhibition, without changing his state of mind, once your control weavers the dog goes back to his bad behavior (or more often to an even "worst" behavior).

I think this goes for every dog, but for extremely intelligent and sensitive breeds like the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog it is even more true and evident.

As you said, they need to "choose". They have to be "convinced" of what you are asking them to do, and they have to be comfortable in doing so, otherwise they won't be reliable and consistent.

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