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Originally Posted by TimoleonVieta View Post

I first lived for three years with my collie & her entire pack on the moors before we left together. It was interesting that only my collie bonded with me truly. Despite me offering her brother the same care & exercise it was like he & the 6 or 7 others realised they could not interfere with this bond. How does this work with your pack, is your bond closest with Shadow, Scrap, or equal with both dogs? & has the bond with your first two remained unaffected by the attention you give the others?
The bond we have with Shadow is a special one - she is a CsV after all - but our bond with the other dogs is still strong. There is always a little jealousy if one or another is getting affection, but there is enough of that to go around . Shadow sees it as her place to reprimand the others if we have told them off (in particular Newman who tends to go a bit 'deaf' on our walks, he never used to come when called...) - her reprimand is short and swift and never aggressive. They have their own order within the pack and, as long as we observe this order, they are all very happy and contented . It will be interesting to see how things alter once the puppies get older and start to try to find their place.
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