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Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
Don't think about it as 'bad' to train, think of it as an adventure

whenever you speak to anyone from any breed fancy, they will probably always tell you that all the dogs are different and individuals, but i think with CsV you can expect this to be especially true..

but to answer your question, "Has somebody had an experience when they had a nice car that the CSV did not destroy when young & left in the car for an hour?"


My czw never did any damage in car so far. I can easly go shopping, go for pizza...He sleeps mostly in car.. But when he was in the car for more hours(driving+shopping ca 2-3h i think-don't remember) he did attack a bag with threats for him i bought in one of shops and ate some of them - he reached it over seats. He was 1 year old 3days ago anyway..

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