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Originally Posted by Morian View Post
totally agree with you
but the problem is that even only measurments can be done not too honestly. i know some examples, i even have 2 copies of boniation cards where it's visible that results was edited by the judge (!), but indexes remained correct. also i saw as minimum 2 wolfdogs which surely have wrong indexes in their codes... so i came to the conclusion - i can measure my own dogs honestly just to know their faults, there is no need to pass such bonitations where only personal politics matter. but ok, i will pass bonitation with all my wolfdogs just pro forma. sorry for my herecy, yes
Well, that's the essence of my point. If the dog is measured at a bonitation, his owner wants to get the highest P possible, so he/she with the help of a friendly judge may be tempted to 'stretch' the results. (which, as we all know, sometimes happens)

If the measurments are to be taken solely for the databse of vlcak breed (I doubt if the size of the dog's scull or length of his legs would matter for a plain, normal owner ) - there'd be no sense to cheat.
I don't have a measure a home and don't know how to measure the dog properly... besides, the measurment has to been done officially if it is to appear in the database. In this case if the judge measured my dog wrongly, it would be neither my problem, nor my dog's )

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