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Default where you keep a wolfdog during winter: outdoor or in house.

I have a 4 months old puppy(a girl )of czechoslovakian wolfdog named Tana. From the beginning (2 months)i kept her outdoor, with other 2 small dogs. She has her cage with a lot of grass inside to keep her warm and a huge garden to play(600 mp). Also i feed her only with raw meat, bones and i give her vitamins(PetPhos Crossance Ca/P=2). I think she is quite well developed until now and i think, during winter, even if it will be very cold, she will do just fine outdoor. I kept during many years the 2 small dogs also outdoor and never got them ill because of that. Anyway when is really very cold i let them sleep in our basement but only during the night. What you usually do during winter when you have a puppy of wolfdog? I imagine, because of wolf heritage, the wolfdog is made for snow and living outdoor.
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