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Default Wolfdog T-shirts

Please, translate this topic:

Due to summer season coming, we have created new project of wolfdog's t-shirts.

Polish edition had become huge success and many people from foreign wolfdog's forums were interested in buying the t-shirts, therefore we've decided to make it possible for you as well.

T-shirts are available in all sizes (S,M, L, XL, XXL), both for the ladies and man, in black and white. We've made sure that the fabric used for t-shirts was the highest quality, so they could be worn for years and years.
The prize is 12 euro per each.
Please, appoint one person from your forum responsible for taking orders and collecting money for the t-shirts.
To avoid high fees for mailing them abroad, it would be the best if we could past them to you on the camp in Slovakia or during the meeting in Późna, so you could send them to all orderers from your country.

We will collect the orders till the END OF JUNE.

For more details contact
God of War
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