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She is about 25" at the shoulder. Don't think she is going to get any taller, but she is LONG. I was very surprised to see her Herding so well - I figured she would be a little more "predatory" on the stock.
My instructor, Judith Kelly, also insisted that her students there watch Luna to a "different" kind of herding behavior. She teasingly calls Luna "the Wolf" - my Malinois is called "Prince Charming" and my GSD is the "Hard Bitch"...
One of the students noted that Luna pooed and peed in the same exact spot in the ring... latrine behavior has been documented in wolves and some domestic dogs.
She was very "smooth" though, easy to work due to her sensitivity, so I think Herding will be a successful venue for us. Not sure, but she may be the only Herding Instinct Certified CsV in the US right now...
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