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Fiat Punto classic. Have a cage in the back and use backseats for baggage in case I travel far (2100 km in 4 days, for example). For short trips (10-15 km), Frei fits in the cage together with her similarly sized friend without problems.

Before I used my father's Toyota Yaris (3 door version), good for driving short trips without any conversion, and with backseats put down (mostly for the dog's safety - I didn't want her mauled in case some big truck does not notice me in front of him) used for cca 2x1000 km trip for the mating (only me and Frei in the car). I used the shotgun seat for baggage and dog food (frozen meat) for the week-long trip.

My friend has Ford Mondeo, with most of the back space turned to spacious cage, but there is enough space between the cage and back seats for quite a lot of baggage. Once we drove the whole pack of puppies (8 pcs aged cca 4 weeks) in the cage, while the back seats where down, one half of the created space turned to a space for the Frei (again very spacious) and the rest was for baggage for 2 people and the pack for 3-4 days including food for all and puppy-fence. And everyone was quite comportable
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