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Originally Posted by Martab View Post
Rona, please admit that is is a bit arrogant and despothic to do this…
I told you I didn't understand why somebody could get so excited about some silly signs. There are dogs dying of ill-treatment, pseudo breeders/ businessmen/ puppy millers destroying the work of generations of honest people and breed lovers and people stay indifferent, don't care, but a little -!- , the meaning of which has never been clearly explained, makes them levitate! Sorry, but to me this is absurd!

Originally Posted by Martab View Post
for me it's clear he wanted to say only this
I don't know what he wanted to say, but I know what he said. Even if we have different views and discuss them strongly here - there is no need to use such language and such metaphors! There are limits to insensivity!

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