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Originally Posted by Puma View Post
You just found the right word: suspicious.

Are we to mark dogs, when things get suspicious?

Or should we do further investigation, to come to facts instead?
Actually, I really understand you and agree on some things. But this is the fact - it shouldn't have to be and breeders who use to investigate anything. It is each country's Kennel Club which has the responsibility to do that, but it doesn't seem that is forthcoming.

What else can be done except to write and share on one's personal site, therefore, the suspicions they have? Otherwise, it could be that suspicious (yes, suspicious!) dogs be used over and over and spread wider in the gene pool then it already is...

It's not the best way because the best way would be that the Kennel Club of each country in which suspicious dogs reside would take action to clarify it themselves...... I wish it too. I believe such complaints have already been lodged with the KC's to no avail...
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