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Angry hi again

hi and i hope that everyone is having a merry christmas...
But the problem is that I called the Hungarian Club already several times!
first when edit said tha t the pedegree was not issued and the hungarian kennel said that is was not true,that it was already issued,and even gave me it's number!
second when edit said that it was the hungarian kennel club that had to send me directly the export pedegree.again not true!
third when she said to me that the hungarian kennel club sent the pedegree to her veterinary for him to confirm the microship number.again not true.they send the pedegrees to the breeders they said.
And then she said that her vet had already received the pedegree and had sent it to me registred,and more than 3 weeks ago she said that she personaly mailed me the pedegree registred!
so,I called everyone!
Now,I'm speaking directly with the board,because I also work in judging in dogshows!
But it´s sad and not to understand!the dog is beautiful,has a nice character,but yet no papers!I thing that it is also the best interest of the breeder to have their dogs get as many prizes/titles as possible!
and I have now in january the biggest dog show in portugal and i need those points to be able to make him youg champion of portugal.
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