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Default Understanding this situation !!!!!

Good morning
I try to add the puppies of the matting between Hacker de La Gretosa and Laska de La Gretosa without results.

The two puppies born the 27 of November. Are two females. Their names are
"Zoe Sweet Child of Us Loyre de Aralla" and "Zelda Rain of November Loyre de Aralla"
I keep in my kennel Loyre de Aralla the first one, " ZoƩ Sweet Child of Us Loyre de Aralla"

And more... I was send trough the web the genetics results of my dogs, Hacker, Laska and Tabatha, as same results, nothing update and the worse, without response.

It can not be that the reference database is in these conditions. When you can not, you have to know how to delegate.
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