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I am sure I've told these stories here before, but well, they are worth repeating
When I got Brukne, at our home also lived a nice trio:

Dorje, Pema and Žiežula (I got this iguana nearly dead, suffering from various diseases, but managed to cure that amazing green thing).
Guess where are they now?
Yes you are right...

Brukne's sister Maja (Walmaj) had maybe her best show ever when she had some diarrhea. Then she decided to eat... IT. And then womited AT HOME. Sorry if anyone is eating while reading this.

Ah, something more.
Brukne made a little hole in a cardbox and managed to place the trousers there:

Almost forgot. When Brukne was still very young, once she found a special mushroom (by the way, it has a non-scientific name, meaning "wolf mushroom") and rolled in it. The smell of it is, well, like someone pooped, vomited and died, and been like this for few months in sunshine. After washing her in a stream (many times) and bath with shampoo (few times) she stopped smelling. Until she got wet. So every time she got wet (rain, snow, river) she started to smell just like this dead-vomiting-poo thing. For maybe 5-6 months. Hate that mushroom.
Walkiria Girios dvasia

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