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Originally Posted by ligerwolve
No one has a right to upset the whole balance, because there is no way to tell what will happen.... any behaviourist will tell you shooting is not the answer. There can be no positive outcome from this, its only a quick fix solution.
I fully agree with your arguments, but for some people "attempts to find the best means of coexistance" means eliminating the weaker part in the conviction that immediate business returns are more important than the fate of the whole species. Unfortunately this policy is carried out without any insight into and reflexion on the long-term effects of the deed. It is sad but humans seem to have problems with learning form their own errors.

I'm sorry, perolav, but nobody will ever convince me, that coexistance=kiling, i.e. death Especially of healthy, beautiful and endangered animals. I'm also surprised your judgements rely so much on the opinions of experts. What experts? Authorities always employ specialists to confirm their policies. The smaller any population becomes, the more fragile its fate is. What will your experts say when you kill by mistake all your wolves or they die of infection or exceptionally severe winter conditions? New experts will be hired to criticise the former eggheads? Hasn't common sense always been the best expert?
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