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Originally Posted by Mikael View Post
And if you really love wolves do not get one for your own good

Best regards / Mikael
This is just what I also wanted to write.
I am not sure about USA, but in most of countries in Europe it is illegal to keep a wild creature at home.
This summer one family contacted me to ask what to do with a little sparrow, who was found out of it's nest - I contacted the ornitologist's organization, so they told that in fact they even had no right to take the sparrow home!

And people so easily take wild animals as wolves and make them their pets - this is not "love for wolves" this is "look how cool I am", nothing more.

I know this - I have similar feelings about ravens, a girl I know owns one, she found it injured. Amazingly interesting bird, very very intelectual (as much as I've read, more than even the big parrots), so I keep dreaming about also having one. But I am not afraid to admit it is an ego thing - it is interesting and fun for ME, also - haha - this looks cool, doesn't it? A lady with a "wolf" and a real raven Still this is not a reason to start looking for a raven...
Walkiria Girios dvasia

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