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Originally Posted by Vaiva View Post
Does your disrespect for a breed come from thinking that there are similar mixes also in today's GSD? Or it is because you think that people, who created the breed, were liars and cheaters, so thay also allowed GSD-wolf mixes to become pedigree dogs?
Yes, I have so much disrespect for the breed that ti"m trying to form a UKC club for them, I made a website just for the vlcak breed, we have one of our own and have been fostering another on and off for over a year now (and over 6 months non-stop now). I've also educated a lot of people about the breed and always refer to them as "vlcaks" and not "wolfdogs" because of the negative connotations and legal aspects of "wolf dogs" here in the USA.

I'm also trying to get ethical breeding standards set here in the USA for the breed (including several health certifications, DNA for parent to puppy testing, and so on) as well as taking a lot of time and money out of my own pocket to help develop resources (including an American based vlcak database / registry).

I'm also working with others so that a vlcak rescue "in the ready" so if it's needed we can get it into action quickly.

Yes, I have so much disrespect for the breed that I let Luna sleep on our bed and cuddle with either Pollux or Luna (or both) while watching TV. I've also taken a lot of time to help stabilize Pollux's temperament issues as well as taking every Saturday afternoon to take Pollux just so he can take some sleeve bites in schutzhund (which he loves to do).

Seriously, does that sound like someone who disrespects the breed?
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