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Originally Posted by wolfin View Post
but this female Joly and Harmonia TOO NOT go TO Production like you Oliver ..
Exactly, that is why I said "should I ask it too?" considering you asked about my dogs. However the heritage of these dogs is much much wider than that of oliver...

Originally Posted by wolfin View Post
I think she have good owner in spain and not mas have owner in others country. And all time can about all who interesing You quest in email way. Or not.
I think we are all nice to say congratulations to the best litter in spain but maybe they should have a bit more information about health issues too.
or is this not good when we speak about certain dogs or lines and good only when we speak about others?
what is there to be afraid of? nothing I guess!
nothing to hide if we speak about the best litter in spain!

Klee is carrier, so, there are chances that Kay could be too, and I am curious to know about Enor.
All is important, bloodline, Hd, Good blood, bonitation, Elbows and now we know also DMA is important.

I think it is time to be more objective when speaking about litters and not always attacking the usual breeders becuase we don't like them.

New owners should be aware of what they are paying for.
This applies to others and also to myself, if a breeder is honest, and I am sure Tuky is a very very honest person and has been informed by his breeders about these problems and will do the same.
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