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Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
Well, sorry you felt attacked. I think some were really trying to help.

I think, for one, that Pollux ought to be fixed and re-homed with whatever nice pet home you can find - anywhere in the US, or anywhere that wants him and can provide for him, really. Can you really not find a nice home for him? He's a young, healthy (I assume), free dog with some basic training behind him. On top of that he's of a rare breed. Maybe put him on Petfinder. I've found nice homes for many 'less desirable' fosters that way, ones of a common breed (or even mix), old, ill health, etc.

I don't think it's especially fair to him to 'hold out' on a new home waiting for one in your area which would be convenient to you, especially since things seem to be getting busy with your other dogs.
Some poeople do seem to want to help but it's the lynch mob mentality others have provided.

As for Pollux, we are going to hold out for the perfect home for him (and that he's perfect for the home). Yes, we've love it if he was local but if the right home pops up and it's not local then so be it. Vlcaks are not an easy breed and many people think they are busy quickly learn otherwise. They need to realzie that it can be a highly energenic breed with even higher stamina (he and Luna will play for hours and hours!). One advantage of him being local is that my wife would still be able to work on him (training) and they could go to our schutzhund club where they know him and we know they concentrate on the dog's development (and not politics).

The home should be willing to work him in schutzhund, even if it is just the play aspect. He loves it and it's been a huge confidence builder for him (and the socalizatrion time doesn't hurt, either). He loves to go to parks where he can run around off a leash (like a dog park) - and he runs fast, faster than many greyhounds we've seen. He loves his people and loves to lie on the couch and cuddle with his people (well, more like like ON TOP of his people, he thinks he's a lot smaller than he actually is). He's michievious (sp?) and knows how to get into trouble so he'll also need a lot of supervision especially in the beginning. He is a lot smarter than he'll lead you to believe, too.
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