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QUOTE=tupacs2legs;383246]i guess people are just passionate and protective about the breed,i dont think its personal,your 'friends' imo had money to burn and they bought their latest 'whim' and got bored...then passed the problem on,and sadly its you having to deal with it and what comes with it.

i really hope he finds a home with someone that understands him and that he stays there forever this time....i wish you and him luck in doing this[/QUOTE

ive highlighted the bits of the post of mine you choose to ignore.....

i am not being judgemental or a 'lynch mob' i even apologised earlier on in this thread,i understand the situation you are in and it doesn't bear thinking about where pollux would be without you.

wont agree with pinch collars though,but as you rightly said thats for another thread
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