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Pollux will stay with us until the right home is found - I am not "holding out" for a more "convenient" home, but rather a local home to be able to help with his adjustment and training, not to mention the fact that I can't do a home check in Idaho.
My biggest worry is that BECAUSE he is a rare breed - and stunningly gorgeous - he will not necessarily attract the right people. At least if he is relatively local, I can sort of keep an eye out and help as needed, or even take him back... I have visions of approving a home in Idaho only for the people to dump him in their local shelter after a month or two...
And there are very few folks who could do a home check for me in Idaho and be truthful about the nature of the breed - so few people have experience.
He has a place here in our home for now - even though it stretches our ability and I feel badly that he is 1 of 5 dogs instead of 1 of 2 or 3 (he needs to be in a multi-dog home), and he does not lack for attention, love or spoiling (every one of the dogs we have ever boarded or fostered are part of the pack and treated as such). As you have seen - I post his successes such as Schutzhund bitework, etc. I just think we could find him a better home where he would get more than we can give him.
We are in no rush to kick him out - I am very selective with homes - and I will make sure it is the best placement for his success - even if it takes months or years to find... He really is an amazing dog and if we weren't already at our limit, I would say he would stay with us forever, but time and space are limited.
So thank you to all of you who have supported us and understand our situation - certainly not one I would wish on anyone, but as I feel a certain responsibility to the breed and to Pollux himself, I have taken on this situation...
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