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True but those are movies about dogs, Game of Thrones isn't about dogs even though they play a part in it. Also, Lassie and Rin Tin TIn both have had movies out over the past few years and the Rin Tin Tin kennel is still active (and they test for DM!!).

The entire first season of True Blood you saw Sam Merlott turning into a collie, that didn't make people rush out and get one - and the collie was about as important as the wolves in Game of Thrones.

Santa's Little Helper from the Simpsons - I don't think this ever made a rush for greyhounds except maybe from greyhound rescue (and by then they're adults most of the time). (Yes, he's animated but he's still a 20-something year old greyhound now).

The "Buddies" movies - I don't think they made a rush on those puppies either.

The Patriot didn't make a rush on Great Danes, and the same with Buck from Married w/ Children and Brandon the Wonder Dog from Punky Brewster.

There have been plenty of times where movies with dogs (not movies about dogs) and TV shows didn't do a lot of bad about the breed. I'm sure there are many other factors involved. I don't think there is a huge demand for Northern Inuit dogs now (or is there?).
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