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I must 100% agree with Daiva. When someone likes mixes of csw and wolves, OK, do it, sell it, but WHY do you made false pedigrees and want to insert them into our breed? There is nothing standard on this dogs... and everyone who has eyes can see it too. SURE, they are just beautiful, but not standard csw!
produce your mixes, sell them, but do it openly and do not say, they are csw...
and one thing... is it SUCH A BIG problem, to make DNA tests? is it realy such a problem? to proof, that all of the breeders and owners are mistaken, and those dogs are realy CSW? you made something such beautiful without any wolfblood, you made a great thing, a thing that no one else can do with his dogs, not in Slovakia, not in Czech, Poland, Germany,... so why can you show us, that your breeding is the best? if its realy pure CSW, then I want your pupps!!! realy! because such exterior must be saved!
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