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Please can somebody translate thistext in your language?
Thanks in advance!

DM is more spread in the breed then we thought!

In the mean time 30 CsW's were tested for DM:(Degenerative Myelopathy)
7 Affected (they have this disease)
17 Carrier (they carry the mutated gene)
6 Free

Several of these 7 affected CsW's already have physical problems...
DM is an awful and horrible disease..... See for example thesd movies:

But as owners and breeders we can stop that DM affected CsW's will be born!
The only thing we have to do is test a lot more CsW's and don't make crossings anymore with affected CsW's(DM/DM x DM/DM)

It is a pity that a several owners and breeders still deny DM exists in the breed!
And till now still a lot of CsW's puppy's of not tested parents are born.

But I hope that this topic will open eyes and more people will realize that DM can be a big thread for our breed...


Originally Posted by michaelundinaeichhorn View Post
The carriers and affected dogs are out of different lines and kennels we are awaiting more results the next weeks that are out of other lines. Due to the amount of tested dogs now that surely isn´t representativ the results may change but I doubt very much that there are no affected lines and that the numbers will change that much that a breeding program will be easy.
Again we need much more dogs out of much more countries!!!
And no, the owners didn´t test their dogs because they were suspecting these results (apart from two with ill dogs that were asked to do so) but because they are very engaged in the breeds benefit. We should be very aware that persons that try to fix the problem to lines or breeders, especially when they didn´t test their dogs, are not the ones we can count on in helping the breed.
To make breeding programs just for one distinctive mark and without knowing every aspect of this and scientific help is the quickest way to ruin a breed.
To ignore a problem and not to help by testing the dogs or sending in blood samples is almost as quick.
I agree 100% with this!!
On the Dutch forum was already more info about the lectures (for wolfdog owners and breeders) of dr. Paul Mandigers about DM .
So maybe it is good to give here also some more general info.
  • DM is an old disease that exists in every breed and also in other not breed dogs
  • Not all DM affected dogs get physical problems
  • Probably creates a combination of more factors that a dog will get the physical problems
  • Breeding of breed dogs is a closed system
  • When higher homozygote in a breed : more genetic diseases, more behavior problems, less resistor, weaker performance, less vitality, more birth dead, and smaller litters
  • Heterozygote is needed for a healthy population of a breed!
So as told before in other topics, the advice of genetic specialists:
  • Try to breed as less Affected dogs as possible
  • But don't exclude dogs for breeding!
  • Try to keep the gene poule as broadly (and maxamize) as possible

On this moment only a very very small part of the population is tested.
Also old dogs and imported dogs were Carrier or Affected. So also in CsW breed it seems to be "an old disease" that did start in the past.
And probably it did start in earlier lines in countries of origin and a lot more CsW's can be Carrier or Affected.

So it will be good to test a lot more CsW's for DM!
We need much more tested dogs out of more countries, especially the Czech Repuplik, Slovakia and Italy!!!

Only then we can see how DM is spread in the breed and try to avoid that more Affected CsW's will be born!
Vriendelijke groeten,

PS: I am not a moderator anymore!!
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