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Remember, she is only 16 weeks old, and a lot of her "lack of interest" in the video is actually her offering "calming signals" (looking away, pretend sniffing, moving toward them sideways to be polite) to the sheep. Never having seen them before, she was not sure how to "communicate" with them, so she used "polite dog" language. Not to mention all the smells of the other dogs, sheep pee, and more importantly, sheep POO.
Disgusting, but true, she thought of the pasture as a salad bar - she ate at least a pound of sheep poo. So, there was FRESH poo in the round pen (hey, they are running Pez dispensers, mom!) to eat, as well.
And what exactly are we doing, mom? What are they?
Once she realized THEY moved if she chased them, she was all about that new-found power. It was the first time in her life that something bigger than her DIDN'T correct her rudeness! And they RAN AWAY so enticingly! And they have tug toys attached to their butts, too!
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