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You mix up a lot of different things here.

Originally Posted by Tana View Post
Do you really think that such dog who slept all his life in the house, if some day is lost in the wilderness, is able to survive and adapt, instead of being a good prey for other animals, including wolves? My respect for this race means to keep the natural abilities of wolfdog intact if i can. So i am sorry but I can't believe a dog raised to sleep like a lazy cat in the owner's bed can still survive and be accepted in a wolf pack, like the one in the documentary, not even that is able to hunt for his own food.
CSW are dogs not hybrids, they were selected for dog behaviour, those with wolfbehaviour were killed in the past and still get sorted out to some amount by the bonitation. Dogs are our only animals that have the genetic imprinted need to bond to humans and that see humans as their main pack - this was a selection done over at least 15 000 years. No matter if you raise them indoors or outdoors there are very few dogs that are able to survive alone in the wild. The only way to survive in a wolf pack as an adult is to be one of the founders. We raised several European wolves, they took our adults as pack leaders till they got mature themselves, we had to take the dogs out then, even the dogs that don´t live in the house and lived within the pack with wolves they raised. They simply don´t have the wolves mentally and bodily strength. We also took two CSW-puppies and put them in the pack together with Wolf Cubs of the same age. With about 4-5 month of age we took them out, through the whole time they stayed dogs and till today they live as dogs.
Originally Posted by Tana View Post
my oppinion is prone to diseases more than one who live outside all his life, where the harsh climatic condition can help him to be more healthy and resistant in long terms. Is the evolution way, tested for centuries by nature herself-the stronger, survive; the weaker is food for the stronger. Harsh but true.
First they are not healthier but in the oposite get less old, due to the harsher conditions and as a vet with a long experience I will not discuss here. Less health comes from wrong selection, evolution doesn´t work for pets as the evolutionary process for pets is made by humans not by nature.
Originally Posted by Tana View Post
I kept years ago a german shepherd in an apartment( my parents apartment, when i was a student), so i really know how is it. All the dogs smells and let a lot of hair behind, they can destroy cables and doors also they steal food if they can. Washing them often is not healthy for their hair, so you must live with them after they was outside in long walks each day. Ahaha this is a nightmare, the smell is in the blanket, the hair is in the air. The hair can provoke asthma. This is the reality. If you do not realise this, your guests maybe are too polite to say you the truth. Is like in a smoker house. Everything can be clean, even in photos , but when you visit him you realise somebody smoke there.But in photos is a perfect harmony . Of course I have photos with my little dog and my 180 l aquarium. Tana can be nice in the house for several hours if first we play with her, but i will be never sure what will be with the fate of my aquarium if she will be left "home alone" No more to say, each owner has his taste. I doubt when wolfdog was created was for sleeping in bed, watching tv etc. this is simply mocking the dignity of this race. No wonder that some german shepherds owner's, from working line, think also this is a "failed experiment" If some of the owners, who keep him in house think like that about their wolfdog, what to say about strangers In that documentary was -among others things(the life in a real wolf pack)-about how to create a bond with an proud wolf without destroying his natural way to be, a kind of high respect that i can understand and i really like. So I will try to keep the nature path if i can, because i think is healthier. Anyway, is really funny, i wonder how some could sleep well during night, with almost 45 kilos(an adult wolfdog) on them, is another kind of falsity i can't believe, because is far away from any kind of good sense. I think all are just funny photos for the family album. Or maybe you try once and after you go to doctor to check your bones Sorry again, we all like to sleep well during night, family and dogs, each one in his place : bed ,cage or under sun
How you keep your dogs is you personal decision and this is the only way I agree, apart from this our dogs are not allowed in every room of the house so don´t worry about our guests and wolfdogs don´t smell as GSH do if you don´t keep them in dirty kennels. But my dogs are all working dogs in the true sense of the meaning, they search missed persons all day long several days in row if necessary or they play in movies.
Again if you think a wolfpack is the same as a dog pack you need to do a lot more research and I would recommend science studies instead of some documentaries in television.

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