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Originally Posted by Angelika View Post
Aha ... simply a misguided romantic

If you really need a guard dog "to protect your small house near the Black Sea", why didn´t you take an Airedale from your breeder?

It would have been better because you´ll never understand the character of a CsW.
So Angelika, the smart answer ever i seen ) Hmm only because i keep a dog outside not inside my house, because i do not like to have hair and his poop everywhere and a hard to accept smell for a healthy family, i will never understand the wolfdog...hahaha. So maybe i must buy an airedale because his poop smell nice or different and his hair is blondie? Hahaha. So smelling or cleaning the dog poop and the hair, each day in a house with childrens, a house where we sleep, eat and relax ourselves after work, i will be wiser and i will have a very good relation with my dog. Hahaha. Eventually i can sleep on my floor and the dog in my bed so like that we will be in the same pack forever. Hahaha. And i do not need a guard dog, sure not, to protect my family like their ancestors did in the past when the first human tamed a wolf offering him the heat of a fire and food, for his protection in an partnership. Oh noo, i need only to be his servant, I will be happy to clean the mess and repair after him, all the time, to feed him only with raw meat and my children with bones. Hahaha .You are all very funny indeed. Never imagined you are so many , so far away from the good sense of living healthy and let wolfdogs be themselves. I will keep all my dogs outdoor even if are puppies, to make them resistant to diseases, in a good cage with a lot of grass inside, like i usually have. The best place for a wolfdog is a paddock or a pen where he can be with other dogs, not in the house. I will have like always a good relation with them, like i have from many years. For me they are companions, not my house puppets or childrens. Our house is not a dump. Have fun in yours.) Oh and yess, i am glad to be the last misguided romantic in the world, omg hahaha
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