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Originally Posted by miran View Post
I have no proof of that there is wolf or hybrid in the Tamaskan but I know there is CVs in there and I am the one who has the proof for the SwH.
Why didn't I put that up on internet, just simple I like the breed Tamaskan no matter if it is in there or not.

I just think that people should know but it doesn't make the dogs any less and the thinks about easier to train etc is still true..... so why is all that fighting about it necessary???
Am I ok with that they made false pedigree's? No of course I am not but we all know every breed have issues like that and you just have to know witch breeder you have to take.
Miran, I had wondered if you were the owner of Djoser van Rijnecker Hof!

I don't think the dogs are "any less".. I just don't think it's any way to go about building a 'breed' - in the truest sense of the word, establishing traits that breed true to type - which isn't really possible when the pedigrees are not true and when there are random and secret outcrosses that are covered up by the pedigree issuing body.. Yes, there are dishonest breeders in every breed, but like this?

Surely they are nice dogs though, like all dogs. There is one that is enrolled in obedience class taught by my friend here in the USA.

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