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Default Wolfdog and snow

Tonight temperature in some parts of Lithuania reached 30 degrees cold. Today Brukne looked like a catfish with her frozen beard.

This and also the fact Ritva wrote, that it is 25 degreed cold in Finland, I remembered a joke about Finns. Since it is really not insultive (maybe even opposite ), I'll try to translate it into English
+10 People in Vilnius put on their sweaters and woolen socks. Finns are plantingg flowers.
+5 Finns go sunbathing.
+2 Italian cars don‘t start.
0 distilled water turns into ice.
-1 Breathing becomes visible. Time to plan You vacation by the Mediterranean sea. Politicians start to get worried about homeless people. Finns eat ice-cream.
- 4 Your cat wants to sleep with You in Your bed.
-7 Finns finish their grill season.
-10 Time to plan Your vacation somewhere in Africa. Finns go bathing in ice-holes.
-12 It is so cold, it is not even snowing.
-23 American cars don‘t start. Difficult to skate.
-26 Difficult to breath.
-29 Your cat wants to sleep with You in Your pyjamas.
-31 – Not recomended to kiss.
-33 Japanese cars don‘t start. Finland‘s National football team starts training for spring seazon.
-35 Time to plan bathing in hot bath for two weeks. Finns are diging snow off the roofs.
-39 Quicksilver freezes in termometer. Not recomended to think. Finns clasp the upper button of their shirt.
-43 Your car would like to sleep with You in Your bed. Finns put their woolen sweaters on.
-45 Finns close their windows.
-50 Seals leave Greenland. Finns change fingered gloves into fingerless ones.
-60 Finns put furry hats.
-70 Polar bears leave North Pole.
-75 Santa Claus leaves Polar circle. Finns put the „ears“ of their furry hats down.
-268 Helium gaz become liquid.
-273 Any movement of elementary particles stops. Finns agree that it‘s really getting cold.
Walkiria Girios dvasia

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