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Originally Posted by yukidomari View Post
I'm a little confused as to the DE law everyone is talking about. Are there laws regarding which dogs can be used for hunting in parts/all of Europe?

In JP and in US you can hunt with any dog you want. I know people who even have hunting poodles and mixed breeds (for hunt-related things too like retrieving).

Can someone explain to me a little about the laws regarding hunting dogs?

Silvester, I cannot read German well at all, just a few words here and there. If you can repost some of them in English (I can't assume you know JP? ) I would really appreciate that.
In Lithuania there are hunting rules, not a law, just rules, but every diesent hunter should follow them. And these rules say that it is allowed to hunt only with hunting breeds. Anyway, a lot of hunt─Śrs also use mies and even wolf-hyrids (thay are popular - mixes of laikas and wolfs).
These rules are called "Hunting rules in a teritory of Republic of Lithuania" and if you come to our country to hunt you have to follow them too
Here is the original text in Lithuanian - hope google translator will help you a lot (sorry, no time to translate that much...)
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