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Hello Yukidomari!

I just let translatet the important parts of my posting from 2005 in German forum into English. Here it is:

" To avoid further inquiries and irritations, I would like to inform at start that the following things took place in Poland where one of my relatives is forester - and I am also in the possession of a German hunting license!
I own for now 9 years a Csv dog which I have bought myself as a 8-week puppy in Czechia.
At this time I lived near Dresden from where it is not far to Czechia and Poland and there mine relative (who had never heard something about the race Csv before ) immediately was fascinated, we took my dog already as puppies often with in the district without pursuing, however, some hunting education with him.
A " learning by mimicry " was also not possible, because my relative leads only one dachshund to the hunting work and Seeking and was not this with all ways in the district with from the part. Really we have never taken both dogs together.
Because Mariusz and me were both very much with interest in the natural behavior of my Csv with regard to game, we have always tried not to influence him in this direction -or only as little as possible. (No commands, attaching on tracks or other things of the hound education).
At first it was striking that "Wodan" was very attentive in the district already as a puppy less than 6 months.
from the necessity of the first motivation, making used with shot game to the odor habituation etc. like with hounds usually we needed forborn and she was not also. It was further not normal dog-like that he ran to possibly to the same age (6 months) even in human company in the district only reluctantly about free, uncovered areas. Strangely he showed this behavior in the town, even in parks, in no way.
"Wodan" was interested from the outset very much in wild tracks, slogan and also in all acoustic charms, z. B.the sounds of roe deer game or foxes. (We have led him in the district always without rope).
His natural appeal, i.e. his follow our local change was always enough to hold to him in our nearness. This has changed only after he was more than 13 months old. I have never lured him in the district with the usual commands, but only with quiet, however, sharp "sssssst" - sound as I have done it also often with my earlier hounds (German short hair). (This is more unobtrusive to hear for the dog at close range, nevertheless, well and then driving away the game) at the age of 10.5 months he does not have in a marshy meadow area his first, neither wounded shot nor in any way ill narrow roe deer sly.
Besides, it was remarkable that he applied without experience straight the throaty clutch what I would have seen with no hound at this age and without previous success or training or from which I would have belonged.
From a defense of his prey with our approach - what on the other hand many hounds with first success at first by growling or also snapping he never did against me , neither at that time nor one day later something to note.
However, he has cut the deer immediately and tried to consume and eat so much meat as possible of it. He also still does this occasionally-in spite of more immediately suitable counterpiece education measures-this morning, so that he is not suitable as actual as a hound very reliably .
Besides it proved to teach itself in spite of long trainings as impossible, to him any form of trace sound or view sound, also barking at dead animals when finding he could not learn. His hunting always occurs completely without any noise or barking.
Besides, he barks otherwise in other situations completely like other dogs (even if, however, very little) a wolfish howl I have never heard from him.
Because of this, as a classical hound I cannot use him. (I have one more German short hair bitch of 3.5 years).

Concerning his hunting behavior is to be said that he feels much less than hounds (i.e. tracks follows and with the nose works), but very optically and acoustically is oriented. Although he cannot compete in speed with my Jola, he has with the stack and snatch of pieces substantially more and quicker success than this.
He is really "raubzeugscharf", he strangles i.e. cats, martens or also foxes, if inevitably, in the shortest time.
It would interest me very much to get to know whether there are other holders who lead a Csv as a hound like me and start, I have belonged in my hunter's circles still from nobody, therefore, now this request around answer. "

(Sorry for the translation, it seems to me quite poor. Hope you can understand everything.)

Bye- bye for this time !

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