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Sorry Christian, but it's you who don't understand what I'm writing.

I never said that my experience with wolfdogs was big. In reaction to your repeated claim that it's impossible to raise a CSV so that he/she would be able to run unleashed and play with other dogs when adult, I'm just describing what I've seen with my own eyes: the owners of Argo od Starkej, Kanti Radov Dvor, Evan Braterstwo Wilczakow, etc. can recall their dogs when they need when the dogs are running on public meadows. In other words, your statement is not 100% valid. But since you seem to be deaf to arguments, further discussion is a waste of time

I don't think it matters if the dogs've been raised in the city or in the countryside, but how they're raised, what the priorities of the owners were, how much effort they put in training and it also depends on the character of a specific individual. I never said that it was easy or natural for CSV to act golden retrievers.

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