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Hello everyone,
I have been very interested in this thread and although it was sometime ago I thought I would register on this forum and comment on it. A little background information about me first, I absolutely love wolves but living in California is not the best place to own or even see a wolf. I am looking to buy my first Tamaskan Dog for their close resemblance and their laid back personalities and are very easy to train. Other important qualities are that they are a bigger type dog and are very active and love the outdoors such as myself.
I have been and am still researching about the breed trying to find out as much as possible about their background. Someone mentioned the name of Bluestag and about the TDR, Tamaskan Dog Register. I found this website to be interesting and maybe useful or not to others
As for me, which is bias, I am thankful for the Tamaskan line. I can get the dog I have dreamed of without bringing all of the "real wolf" blood line qualities with it. Please let me know of any information or concerns you may have
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