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I agree with you and that is why I and others asked and talked about it that it was better to let it be in the open.
It is also why I am no longer with the TDR anymore
And yes Djoser v rijneckerhof is my Saarloos and I also have a Tamaskan son out of that nest from it. But I have his real pedigree.
No the dog is no lesser to me because I still think it was a good match if the truth was told about it. What is said on the nofable site that he was a known carrier of DM is not true because we all know that the test for DM for the Saarloos came late 2009 and the pups where already born than. I tested the father and his son later that same year on it and that was the first time we knew. Later it turned out the mother was also a carrier.
Yes this all was very sad but because I tested against what some wanted and advised they know it is in every breed and so they can prevent sufferers like we also try in the Saarloos and the CvS.

I do not condemn every TDR breeder because there are that didn't know about this all and don't agree with it either but doesn't condemn the breed for it. I do also not. I still love the tamaskan for the goal they had in mind and made in my eyes I just can not agree with lying about some lines.
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