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Originally Posted by Juri Z.P. View Post
Hy Jessica ,
you remember Juri, last year - in Italy?,
that's normal Standard...!
You remember what you tell me, Juri a very open dog - this is normal-Standard!
We see us soon
YES, Juri is TYPICAL normal dog with typical behavior-with this behavior who have now almost all CSW who I saw in Germany, Poland, Slovak, Rusia, Lithuania, Czech Republic.
When, example, people want buy a CSW in Lithuania they first want a THIS behavior, when I not meet a people who want a wolfish but shy dog, they want this behavior who are in standart, later is important animal who is a similar to wolf, but not like a wolf, only similar.
Why I speak about this- If you friends want a breed a wolf- mix - OK make this, only WHY this animals mas have a falsh pedigree, why not can breed this like a American wolfdogs- without pedigrees, this AW have a fans and have a clients who want buy this. Why mas fals pedigree and sale this poore animals like pure CSW with standart anatomy and behavior when they this NOT HAVE? from what you and friends want a CSW pedigree?
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